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SCANPAN®'s Classic knife series is made from full-forged German steel to elegantly match the needs of modern kitchens and to pass the test!
Classic is an attractive and simple kitchen knife series featuring high functionality and affordable prices. Classic knives are heat treated for hardness and made from classic stainless steel with a conical ground edge for optimum cutting performance. The oval handle is shaped in an ergonomic arch and covered with non-slip synthetic material to optimise user safety. The handle also features an in-laid steel logo plate featuring a design nicely tailored to match the knife’s design. Every knife in the Classic knife series is tested individually for hardness according to the Rockwell® method before it is approved. The testing method leaves a small dot in the steel – a mark guaranteeing that the full-forged knife has undergone the test for professional heat treatment and perfect hardening.


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Made in Denmark

Kitchenware of the highest quality and durability.

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