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SCANPAN’s coating: 100% free from PFOA and PFOS toxins

Environmental awareness has grown significantly in recent years, among consumers and companies alike. SCANPAN has worked actively for many years to reduce our impact on the environment.

As part of our on-going product development, and in cooperation with our supplier, we developed a unique non-stick coating. From raw materials to finished product, the coating is completely free from the toxins PFOA and PFOS and it provides a highly durable non-stick surface.

Our ambitious goal

At SCANPAN, we are proud to already comply with the international regulations to be implemented in 2015 requiring all kitchen equipment to be 100% PFOA-free. We introduced our coating in 2008, making us one of the first manufacturers of environmentally friendly non-stick pots and pans with the revolutionary new PFOA-free coating.

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