Meet your new favourite kitchen utensil

Do you share SCANPAN's love of good food? If so, you will certainly get many fantastic food experiences by becoming acquainted with our unique fry- , baking- and roasting pan.

No kitchen is complete without the SCANPAN roasting pan, designed for the connoisseur who sets high standards for the sturdiness and the range of uses of his or her utensils, and who knows that perfect preparation requires quality equipment. Prepare food in new ways, explore exciting dishes – and experience how an intelligently thought-out and professionally-constructed roasting pan can make a world of difference in the kitchen.

A unique product with a wealth of applications

Thanks to its unique “frying surface”, SCANPAN's roasting pan can be placed directly on the cooktop – including a gas burner – and, for example, be used to brown meat and vegetables before you add wine, bouillon, spices and so forth, and then you can put the whole dish directly in the oven, where it can finish roasting.

In this way, you avoid having to move the ingredients from another  pan and thereby leaving behind a lot of good taste and aroma. Or use it as a large frying pan for scrambled eggs, burgers or similar foods.

The roasting pan can also be used on the barbecue, perhaps together with the matching steel rack, e.g. to grill fresh fish, or if you want to prepare a juicy roast in your  grill. With that, you get all of the good taste nuances and benefits that grilling yields, combined with the roasting pan's special characteristics. The roasting pan is also the perfect utensil if you prefer to prepare the Christmas roast in your  grill.

Of course, you can also use the roasting pan as a completely regular roasting pan; for dishes in the oven, cakes, bread, etc. – the possibilities are endless.

FACTS about SCANPAN roasting pan:

  • Can be used directly on cooktop, including gas , also in grill and in oven
  • Hand-made of 100% pure, recycled aluminium for optimal heat distribution
  • Remains flat, even when used on grill and gas
  • Coated with SCANPAN's unique  non-stick coating,  which tolerates the use of metal utensils, is easy to clean and is completely free of PFOA and PFOS
  • Available in three sizes: 34 cm x 22 cm, 39 cm x 27 cm and 44 cm x 32 cm.


Quality through experience, engagement and technology

The SCANPAN roasting pan is made in a totally different quality from what you are used to when it comes to roasting pans. With a starting point in our traditional craft techniques and more than five decades of experience, we have hand-made the roasting pan from 100% pure, recycled aluminium at our factory in Ryomgaard, Denmark.

From the moment the raw aluminium bars are placed in the melting pot until the finished roasting pan leaves the factory, we have total control over all elements in the production  – and can thus guarantee that the roasting pan lives up to the high standards and quality requirements that have made SCANPAN a preferred producer of non-stick kitchen equipment worldwide.

All of SCANPAN's non-stick products are coated with our unique, patented and unbelievably strong  coating of ceramic titanium. The coating tolerates the use of metal utensils and ensures easy cleaning, even after several hours in the oven or kettle grill. It is also 100% free of the chemicals PFOA and PFOS, which means healthy and safe cooking for both you and the environment.

See specifications etc. here.

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