Brunch in Denmark
– and in the rest of the world

Brunch, ”mokost”, dim sum – the meal goes by many names. And combining a late breakfast with an early lunch has become a widespread phenomenon. 

Throughout the world, many different interpretations of the brunch have developed – as well as different opinions as to what constitutes a good brunch. Join us for at short journey around the brunch world. We’ll be starting “at home”, in SCANPAN’s native country:

The Danish brunch

In Denmark, as in many other countries, it has become a trend to have brunch when celebrating occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. However, Danes love to eat brunch during the weekends and on holidays as well, when you just want to spoil yourself by sleeping late and having a late breakfast.

The Danish brunch is quite clearly inspired by its English and American equivalents, though with some notable deviations. A typical Danish brunch includes several small dishes and lots of fruit, sometimes just as is, but also in the form of smoothies or freshly squeezed juice. 

A Danish brunch platter often consists of the Danish bread speciality “rugbrød” (dark rye bread), served with cheese, cold cuts, jam, boiled eggs, yogurt with cereal and freshly brewed coffee, completed with something sweet – for example a pancake. 

The English brunch

The word “brunch” originally came about as a contraction of the words “breakfast” and “lunch” and is a term adopted all over the world. 

The English brunch is made from dishes from the typical breakfast and lunch. When ordering a classic English brunch, one can expect to get a plate with blinis, eggs, bacon, sausages, cheese and baked beans, a dish very particular to the English variant of the popular meal. To drink, typically you will be served a hot cup of tea and a glass of orange juice.

The American brunch

The American brunch is very much known for its abundance of small, thick pancakes soaked in syrup. In addition to these, you will often find bagels with cream cheese, scrambled eggs, potatoes and bacon. Typically, a milkshake or a smoothie and a latte will be included in an American brunch as well.

The Chinese brunch

Some believe the concept of brunch originally stems from the Chinese dim sum, which consists of a wide selection of small dishes, often including a combination of meat, vegetables, seafood and fruit. These dishes are steamed or deep-fried and served in small packages made with rice flour or wanton. 

Which do you prefer?

If you would like to try making a Danish, English, American or Chinese brunch, we have gathered a selection of SCANPAN’s utensils suitable for making any type of brunch.

With our blinis pan you can quickly and easily create delicious blinis, amusing little pancakes or small round fried eggs. Perfect for an elegant brunch dish.

If you are frying sausages for an English brunch, why not give them a lightly grilled look with our classic grill pan. That way you can make your brunch look extra delicious and appetising.

Our everyday pan is perfect for all kinds of frying and is indispensable, whether you are making a Danish, English, American or Chinese brunch.

If you are planning to make dim sum you can create a delicious garniture with fried vegetables using our spacious wok

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