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Ready, steady – grill!

Ready, steady – grill!

6. Jul 2012

The barbecue season is again around the corner, so it’s time to look at the right kitchen utensils for cooking outside this summer.

Danes love barbecuing outdoors, because the food acquires a uniquely special flavour: the taste of sun, summer and relaxed outdoor life with family and friends. The pleasure derived from cooking on a barbecue is only greater if the equipment is top quality and minimal cleaning is required. Here, SCANPAN provides a couple of tips on how to make barbecuing a straightforward yet enjoyable experience.

Grill pan – no more awkward cleaning and costly foil trays

It is such a pleasure to barbecue. However, you can feel slightly put off by the idea that you first need to clean the barbecue of fats and juices which have trickled down during cooking. Which is why many people invest in expensive foil trays to place at the bottom of the barbecue. However, you can spare yourself fatty grills and expensive foil trays. Using an IQ grill pan from SCANPAN, you no longer have to contend with meat fats and juices dripping down into and messing up your barbecue. When you use the grill pan on an outdoor barbecue, the fats and juices collect between the ridges – convenient for pouring away. At the same time, you get the perfect grill result as the pan disperses heat evenly and effectively, which preserves the meat’s juices and flavour.

SCANPAN’s IQ grill pan is suitable for all heat sources, including induction, so it is easy to bring the barbecue mood inside on a busy or rainy day – and also outside the barbecue season, of course.

Make light of it – put it all in a roasting pan

If you have a kettle grill, a roasting pan facilitates preparing meat and accompaniments – without compromising the fun of barbecuing. Just chop the vegetables and potatoes into smaller pieces, arrange them in the bottom of the roasting pan, place a steak or chicken legs etc. on top and pour on some liquid – and pop the lot in the grill where it will look after itself while you sit back and socialise. SCANPAN’s Classic series has roasting pans in three different sizes to match your barbecue. An accompanying grid is available separately.

Easy slicing – with proper steak cutlery

If you have grilled your butcher’s best meat, it deserves to be eaten with proper cutlery. SCANPAN’s Spectrum steak cutlery ensures problem-free cutting – while adding a dash of colour to the menu.

The steak knife’s sharp blade is made of stainless steel with a very high-quality non-stick coating. The conically sharpened knife edge makes the knife a sharp and precise tool to work with. Spectrum steak cutlery is available in cheerful, bright colours. Choose between a set with six knives or forks in different colours or a set with one knife (including practical scabbard) and one fork in the same colour.

The final touch

Whether you like exotic barbecue spices or just a little salt and pepper to bring out the flavours, it is always handy having a spice mill in the garden or on the beach when it’s barbecue time. The SCANPAN Spectrum spice mills can be adjusted from fine to coarse and can be used for most types of spices. The mill is made of an extremely hard ceramic material, is extremely efficient and does not corrode like steel. These spice mills – in addition to spreading a lot of spices – add both festivity and colour to the meal with six different colour options. So, all that’s left to say is: Ready, steady – grill!

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