A sustainable and environmentally friendly production

”For the love of good food”

SCANPAN’s passion for good food – for fresh quality ingredients prepared with great passion, enhancing taste, smell and aroma – is reflected in the way we produce our unique non-stick frying pans and pots. The way we see it, good food deserves quality tools made with the same commitment, respect and care that we exercise when producing and handling our food. This establishes high standards for our production methods as well as for the quality of our raw materials.

Sustainability without compromise

Taking our traditional craftsmanship techniques as a starting point, we go to great lengths to ensure that every SCANPAN product meets our strict demands to not just quality of use and durability but also environmental sustainability.

SCANPAN utilises 100% recycled aluminium – aluminium that might previously have served as beer cans, bicycle frames or something else. However, using a recycled material in our production does not mean that we compromise on quality. The recirculated, melted down aluminium is a completely pure raw material, its quality at least as great as new, non-recycled aluminium, sharing the same unrivalled properties regarding heat conduction. The only difference is that the environmental impact – related to both energy use and waste production – is greatly diminished when applying the recycled metal.

Combined with the extended longevity of SCANPAN’s products, the use of recycled aluminium helps us reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that we make the most of the resources available to us.

Controlling production – for the sake of your health and a healthy environment

By producing all of our non-stick products at our factory in Ryomgård, outside Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, we maintain complete control over all links in the value chain. From placing the raw aluminium ingots in the melting pots, to shipping the completed, quality tested kitchen tools to retailers and customers worldwide. Furthermore, we apply our own environmental friendly non-stick coating, which combined with our patented titanium technology provides a surface completely free from chemicals that may be harmful to the environment or public health.

Thus, we are confident that the materials and methods used in the manufacturing of every SCANPAN non-stick product meet our strict quality and environmental demands. This makes our products the ideal choice for anyone who shares our love of good food.

Made in Denmark

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